Our Boxers

Membertou Boxing Club is proud of each and every one of its students and fighters.  Inside our gym, everyone has a chance to reach greatness, and our coaches strive to help our fighters achieve their individual and group successes.

Membertou's Champions

Jenna Bernard

Jenna is a boxing coach's dream; a talented prodigy with knockout power and the heart of a lioness.  She debuted as a young teenager and established her name after defeating older and much more experienced fighters in her class.  Her achievements include winning two silver medals at the Canadian Nationals in 2011 and 2012, and headlining the inaugural Toe-to-Toe in MB2 in front of a sold-out hometown crowd.  In 2015, Jenna was featured in TSN's "A Fighting Chance."  She is mother to a young son and currently attends university.

Aaron Francis 

Aaron is the perfect embodiment of a real fighter; a young warrior who will take on any opponent if-and-when offered a bout.  His amateur debut came in 2015 and he immediately established himself as a future contender after winning his first match by spectacular second round knockout.  In his short career, he has fought in various weight classes and returned home from the 2016 Brampton Cup with a silver medal in the 75kg. division.  In addition to his dedication to boxing and helping younger generations in the sport, Aaron juggles a busy schedule with work and school.  He was also featured in TSN's "A Fighting Chance" with teammate Jenna.

Paul B. Gould

Born and raised in Membertou, Paul Bradley is a hometown favorite.  He discovered the sweet science after it was recommended by his parents to change sports.  Prior to boxing, PBG (as he is referred to by family and friends) was involved in hockey, which he was seen as being too rugged to play.  Paul's first match was in 2010 and had not fought again until 2015.  Despite the time off between his bouts, boxing remained in his heart and was always part of his life, and he earned Fight of the Night honours in his return match.  In 2016, Paul took bronze at the Brampton Cup.  He competes in the heavyweight division.

Andrew Woodberry

Already being touted as a 'future Olympian' by his coaches, young Andrew Woodberry has quickly made a name for himself in the amateur boxing world.  He has barely entered his teen years and has already struck gold at the 2016 Brampton Inn, after debuting in summer 2015.  Look for more in future events from this young, fast, and exciting fighter.

Connar Fong

Sydney's own Connar Fong is a new addition to Membertou Boxing Club.  Described by coaches and boxing enthusiasts as "one hell of a tough kid," Connar also returned home from the 2016 Brampton Cup with a silver medal.  He has competed across Nova Scotia in his young career and will look to further establish his name in future matches.